Podium Rock is a world first. Never before has the business world had its own theatrical rock show.

Part theatre, part rock concert, part business insights briefing  – and all inspiration – Podium Rock uses the real world of human engagement and popular culture to challenge business with a new methodology for innovation, growth and engagement.

Simon Hammond - Lectern Rock

This 90 minute emotional roller coaster will have you cheering, sobbing and challenging your current thinking. It will leave you with a sense of hope and a practical methodology that has worked in changing the fortunes of hundreds of businesses.

Best selling author and global brand evangelist, Simon Hammond, has become a phenomenon in Australia by challenging and then reinventing many of the country’s major brands, setting them for growth in recessionary periods, using his ground breaking methodology, BE Branding

The show brings his methodology to life by combining live music from a 5-piece rock band, with the latest in emerging media content, the best in pop culture and analysis of the world’s top brands, to show business a new way forward.

His approach is instantly implementable and the results immediate.