BE Brands

Be BrandsIt began 10 years ago with a book by brand expert Simon Hammond, that went on to be a best seller.

It evolved into a philosophical system of brand positioning that has changed and repositioned major brands all around the world.

Names such as Foster’s, AMCOR, Mitsubishi, glaxosmithkline, Westpac, MMG mining, nab, KIT Digital, T2, Credit Union Australia, Masterpet, Bosch, VDO, Medibank Private, Boost, Pedders, Elwood, Sportsgirl, to name just a few.

Put simply, BE brands is about a business ‘being’ something for its customers, rather than merely selling to them.

It maintains that when a business stands for something (BELIEF) based on the emotive drivers of its customers, this will lead to unprecedented connection and a sense of BELONGING.

In turn, this tribal sentiment will change BEHAVIOUR.

These three simple BE words transform businesses from the people out, creating amazing brands that consumers want to belong to.

BE Brands taps into the growing support for non-conscious, unprocessed brand loyalty where businesses are chosen not for blatant recall, but for the substance of the business as experienced through moments and memories.

Hammond maintains that only a belief led business is able to deliver these crucial experiential moments through the genuine and authentic commitment of those who work in the business. They are powered by a belief in why they exist and customers get to experience that passion.